KIPSI HELSINKIFounded in 2005, Kipsi Helsinki is a company specialised in plasterwork. The company was called AAA Decoration Oy until 2004. The company operates all over Finland, as well as abroad. It focuses on homes, public spaces, facades and shipbuilding. In larger projects, we cooperate with French professionals. We always deliver the best possible plaster product of the highest quality to the customer.
Learning in France“I studied plaster-building in Nice during 2002−2006. I was in an internship, related to my studies, in one of the leading plaster companies in France. My goal was to learn the traditional and fine handicraft that they know best. This is how the French plaster-building technique, traditions and professional skills were imported to Finland.”
– Aleksi Vallemaa, Managing Director
Our goalsThe aim of our company is to maintain the tradition of plastering and train new professionals. We continue to develop and create new plaster-building and decoration solutions. We want to familiarise our customers with the wide and versatile use of cast plaster elements.

Ready-made models
Custom-made works

CooperationWe create innovative solutions for Finnish architecture, interior decoration and design, in cooperation with plastering professionals.

Our company values


We listen to the customer and their needs, and take them into account in every project. We are always prepared to compromise and make changes, in order to ensure that the project will be completed in the best possible manner, according to agreements.

High-quality expertise

We only work with plastering professionals, and train new professionals to work in this field. We are committed to maintaining high work quality during every stage of the work procedure.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude to customers and cooperation partners is the starting point for our work. Open discussions and respect for others are important for us. We keep a constructive mind to find the best project-tailored solutions to potential problems.

Kipsi Helsinki in media

Pinnat kodin henkeenMeidän talo, 2010
Kipsin sokerileipuriGlorian koti, 2009