Feedback from our customers

"Kipsi Helsinki and their plaster decorations and light strips have always been a part of the most successful and beautiful projects that I have designed. The cooperation has been easy and smooth." Heini LehtoInterior Architects, Kehrä Interior
"The works of Kipsi Helsinki /Aleksi have made us realise how versatile and fine a material plaster is in ceiling and wall solutions and also in other decorative borderings. The designer can benefit from the expertise of Kipsi Helsinki during the designing stage and carry out even the most challenging plasterworks." Antti RouhunkoskiPOIAT Office
"In cooperation with Kipsi Helsinki, I managed to carry out my beautiful and stylish decoration works in a large flat in Vesijärvi (the City of Lahti). The elegant plasterworks really were the crowning glory of the interior decoration, and the final result was more beautiful than I could ever have expected." Milla AlftanInterior Designer
"I have cooperated with Kipsi Helsinki several times. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the work, and so have my clients. Plaster is an elegant material, which is flexible enough to allow an elegant finishing – especially in the capable hands of Kipsi Helsinki!" Marko PaananenInterior Design Architect
"Kipsi Helsinki carried out the modern false ceiling solutions of cast plaster elements most professionally. This was the right choice in a demanding project combining false ceilings and indirect lighting." Kari LappalainenInteriorDesign Agency Kari Lappalainen