Ready-made modelsOur design book contains dozens of different types of decorative plaster models, from which customers can choose their favourite. We produce the decorative plaster that the customer chooses by hand. The installation and finishing of the products are carried out by Kipsi Helsinki professionals, or, even, the customer himself. Our range of products covers, for example, the following plasterwork:
Plaster skirting boards and mouldingsVarious skirting boards and mouldings are an integral part of interior design. Skirting boards and mouldings made from plaster can make it possible to hide signs of the building technology, such as electricity lines or ventilation. For wall and skirting boards, we use special hard casting plaster, which is very durable.
Ceiling medallionsCeiling medallions are the most common plaster ornaments made for interior decorating. They are used to highlight, for example, coffer ceilings and ceiling lighting.
Wall decorationsPlaster can be used on walls in many different ways. Popular decorations are, for example, different kinds of recessed walls, wall panels and wall lightings. Plaster can also be used to make a real-looking stone and brick wall.
Mantel fireplaces
Plaster is a durable and non-combustible material, and therefore, it is suitable for a variety of fireplace adornments. Plaster can be used to create a unique fireplace, in regards to interior design.
Columns and pilasters
It is possible to take advantage of a variety of style trends on columns and pilasters. By combining different parts of columns, pedestals and capitals, each and every customer can gain the end result that they desire.